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About Us

Solar Master, previously Euston Snd Bhd, was established in 1981 as a contract manufacturer for several major USA companies.  A full service company, Solar Master was contracted to design, develop and manufacture product from initial inception to completion.  In 1994 after much research and product development and with an eye toward the future, Solar Master began to design, develop and manufacturer Solar-powered Road Safety Products for road work sites and airports.

Being one of the pioneers in this area, Solar Master is dedicated to environmental conservation and the safety of road workers and drivers alike.

In conjunction with our Malaysian Distributor, Solar Master has expanded its product offerings to include several Solar Road signs, that are designed for use on highways and surface streets.  Solar Master will continue to develop new products to enhance road safety and preserve our environment.

With a sourcing office in Hong Kong, Solar Master effectively sources components at the most competitive prices possible allowing us to bring progressive solar products to market at highly competitive rates.  We frequently source these component parts and are continually negotiating better prices which in turn get passed on to the end user.  Our goal…design, manufacture and deliver high quality solar products at the best possible price.